Several very high-end manufacturers of French jewellers all entitled Label Joaillerie de France, decided to participate in the first adventure of a French Collective Brand.

Joaillerie de France is the first contemporary Collective Brand which expresses and federates the fundamental values of the French Jewellery.
Joaillerie de France shows the master, the perpetuation of the traditional know-how, the opening to contemporary trends and the respect for moral and environmental values.

They share the same values: Authenticity, Quality, Creativity, Heritage and Boldness.
These brands represent six centuries of history and knowledge and almost 200 persons living for the “art of jewellery”.

Their names:

  • Bermudes A skill for magnificence perfection and materials
  • Mathon Paris An emotional and high coloured Jewellery
  • Otelina A taste for design
  • Paris Kollection A taste for extraordinary pieces,
  • Umane Between minimalism and absolute femininity
  • Vangelder A spirit of Jewellery Architecture